COVID19 Vaccination Campaign


My entry for comic strip competition held by Bank BRI. The brief was to make a short, 4-panel comic that promotes Covid19 vaccination. There were several themes to choose from, and this theme I chose was "Vaccine protects ourselves and our families".

  • Time
  • October 2021

I had multiple ideas for this comic, but in the end, I only had enough time to turn one into realization. This story is honest and very personal, as it represents my anxiety especially when the Delta cases began to take things for the worst in 2021. I watched (through social media, of course) my friends and their family got Covid one by one. Some even lost their loved ones.

By the time I'm writing this passage in 2022, the Omicron variant is said to be easier to spread and the number of cases have been rising. For those who got the virus, I hope God will bless you with patience and strength. If you're lucky that you haven't got it, please, keep the health protocols at all time. I hope you're all vaccinated, too!